GloFAS v4.0 is expected to be released operationally in 2023. A detailed description of GloFAS v4.0 and a thorough analysis of its results will be provided before the operational release. This page provides a summary of the major features of GloFAS v4.0 and it serves as introduction to the early release of the GloFAS v4.0 hydrological reanalysis.

For an overview of other GloFAS releases, please see: GloFAS versioning system


GloFAS v4.0 introduces a number of major changes to the system, including:

  • higher spatial resolution. GloFAS v4.0 has 0.05 degrees resolution (~5km), as opposed to all the previous GloFAS versions having 0.1 degrees resolution (~10km).
  • an entirely new set of 0.05 degrees resolution input maps produced using the most recent research findings, remote sensing, and in-situ datasets.
  • major improvements to the open-source hydrological model LISFLOOD.
  • a new calibration at 1996 in-situ gauging stations. Furthermore, a parameter regionalization was performed to estimate the parameters of catchments for which in situ discharge observations were not available.

This upgrade of GloFAS has large impacts on the GloFAS modelling results.

GloFAS v.4.0 hydrological reanalysis already available!

The release of the GloFAS v4.0 hydrological reanalysis before the operational release of GloFAS v4.0 is the first major step towards this upgrade and it enables users to experience the benefits of this planned upgrade. The GloFAS v4.0 hydrological reanalysis provides daily maps of discharge (in m3/s) with quasi global (+90,-60,-180,180) extent at 0.05 degree (~5km) grid resolution from 01/01/1980 to 31/07/2022. The new historic river flow dataset is publicly available on the Climate Data Store of the Copernicus Climate Change Service and it is aimed at researchers, flood risk managers and national or local flood forecasting authorities. The history of the global river flows from the GloFAS v4.0 model set up allows users to analyse past flood events in order to improve flood risk management and to better prepare for the operational release of GloFAS v4.0. A detailed description of the GloFAS v.4.0 hydrological reanalysis dataset is available from the dedicated wiki page.

Technical details

Pre-release date (available on stage platform)tbc
Release datetbc
In test suite


GloFAS internal number

Archiving of data


Climatology1980-01-01 to 2022-07-31


Horizontal projectionEPSG4326
Horizontal resolution0.05 x 0.05°
Temporal resolutionDaily

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