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In brief

The European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS)  is currently being developed in the framework of the Copernicus Emergency Management Services to monitor and forecast fire danger in Europe. The system provides timely information to civil protection authorities in 38 nations across Europe ( and mostly concentrates on flagging regions which might be at high danger of spontaneous ignition due to persistent drought.

GEFF is the modelling component of EFFIS and implements the three most used  fire danger rating systems; the US  NFDRS, the Canadian FWI and the Australian  MARK-5. The figure illustrate all the indices that can be dowloaded and their connection with the atmospheric parameter.

GEFF- Avaliable products

GEFF-Reanalysis uses weather forecast from ERA-Interim as a forcing. The dataset extends from 1980  to date and is updated once a month when new ERA-Interim fields become available.

Full information about the system and its performance can be found in the paper:

Francesca Di Giuseppe, Florian Pappenberger, Fredrik Wetterhall, Blazej Krzeminski, Andrea Camia, Giorgio Libertá, Jesus San Miguell: The potential predictability of fire danger provided by weather forecast.Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology,55,2469-2491 (2016)


Credits and citation

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