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An error has been detected affecting the following data:

  • Pressure variables data from GCFS2.0-v20171123 (DWD GCFS2.0) data
    • Affects data from monthly and daily CDS catalogue entries for start date 2011-06-01 and member=13
    • All variables (including 'single-level') have been substituted during the recovery process (see note below)

This error has been caused by a bug in DWD's postprocessing of their original model output to create their contribution to C3S. The data for the member and start date mentioned above has been produced from wrongly labelled data corresponding to different wrong dates (years and months), meaning that the currently available data should not be used.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the error and its associated unrecoverability, the model has been rerun for that specific start date. Additionally, it might be noted that the current setup of GCFS2.0-v20171123 doesn't ensure complete reproducibility, meaning that the re-run members might be different from the previous run. Despite that, they are expected to belong to the same climate (the PDFs are statistically undistinguishable). In this sense, even though this issue originally affected just the above mentioned data (pressure levels), to ensure consistency within each member the recommendation is to avoid using the data for 2011-06-01 (all the members, all the variables) of this forecasting system retrieved before the completion of the recovery process.

This error has been fixed, this means that:

  • Data has been amended in the archive so all retrievals made after the completion of the recovery process (see table below) are not affected by this issue.

(all the abovementioned data is wrong)
(some data could still be wrong)
(all the data has been fixed)

CDS retrievals
(forms and API)


WebAPI retrievals

2019/03/12 at 11:30 GMT

2019/03/12 at 11:30 GMT
2019/03/12 at 12:05 GMT

2019/03/12 at 12:05 GMT