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The issue described here has not been fixed yet

An error has been detected affecting the following data:

  • Snowfall amount from CMCC-CM2-v20160423 (CMCC SPSv3) data
    • Affects all data from monthly and daily CDS catalogue entries
      • Start dates:
        • all November start dates both for hindcasts (1993-2016) and 2018 real-time forecast.
        • all December and January start dates for hindcasts (1993-2016)
          (NOTE: This implies real-time forecasts for Dec.18 and Jan.19 should not be used)
    • It also affects monthly anomalies CDS catalogue entry
      • Start dates: 2018-11-01, 2018-12-01,  2019-01-01

This error has been caused by a bug in one of CMCC's postprocessing tools, and its outcome was to produce values equal to zero of daily snowfall amount in places where the snowfall was below a given threshold. Additionally, during the investigations some interim fixes were introduced leading to inconsistencies between forecasts and their relevant hindcasts for the affected dates, and also to differences between different forecast start dates. Due to all of this, while a definitive fix is not in place, the data described in this issue should not be used at all.

This error has not been fixed yet, this means that:

  • Any data corresponding to the description above which have been retrieved so far is wrong, and will continue to be wrong until a fix is in place

(all the abovementioned data is wrong)
(some data could still be wrong)
(all the data has been fixed)

CDS retrievals
(forms and API)


WebAPI retrievals


recovery has not been yet started

NOTE: the current plan is to test the recovery of the wrong data archived before September 2019

recovery has not been yet started