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Do ERA-Interim air-sea flux fields (i. e. sensible heat flux, latent heat flux, net shortwave and net longwave) account for local sea ice concentration?


The ERA-Interim surface fluxes do take account of the surface type, including the sea ice cover. For more information read Part IV, Physical processes, of the ERA-Interim model documentation: . In particular, read Chapters 3 and 7.

ERA-Interim production to stop on 31st August 2019

As ERA5 is now available (What are the changes from ERA-Interim to ERA5?), we are preparing to stop the production of ERA-Interim on 31st August 2019. This means that the complete span of ERA-Interim data will be from 1st January 1979 to 31st August 2019.

Keeping in mind that ERA-Interim is published with an offset of about three months from the dataset's reference date, ERA-Interim August 2019 data will be made available towards the end of 2019.

For the time being and until further notice, ERA-Interim shall continue to be accessible through the ECMWF Web API. ERA5 is available from the Climate Data Store (CDS).

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