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I use Google Chrome and logged into the ECMWF Copernicus support website . Now when I want to log out:

I go to the top right, click the downward arrow, and 'Log out'. However, nothing happens, and I remain logged in.

When I go to in a new tab or new browser session I am also always logged in automatically.

How can I log out?


This issue is caused by a cookie from ''. Remove this cookie from your computer.

Instructions for Google Chrome:

  1. In Chrome go to the menu button (the "hamburger button", three horizontal lines) at the top right, and select 'Settings'
  2. At the end of the settings page click 'Show advanced Settings'
  3. In the section 'Privacy' click 'Content Settings', click 'All Cookies and Site data'
  4. Search 'ecmwf' (without quotes).
  5. You should find a record for ''.  Hover over it and click the X on the right to remove it.
  6. Click 'Finished', and again 'Finished' and close all Chrome windows
  7. Restart Chrome and go to
  8. You now should be prompted to log in.