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Wrong 0% values in relative humidity, cloud cover and albedo fields

There are some isolated spots of one or a few grid points with wrong zero values in the fields of relative humidity (both at 2m and on pressure levels). It happened because of a wrong algorithm used for re-computation of the values from 0-1 interval to 0-100% (the supersaturation was set to 100% instead of 0% value). The same issue can probably be found in cloud cover and albedo fields as well but its extent there is not known.

Missing values in surface sensible heat flux and surface latent heat flux fields

The sensible heat flux and surface latent heat flux fields  appear to have missing values over the land and because of that should not be used.

Land-sea mask used in the intermediate downscaling

The UERRA-HARMONIE reanalysis needs to be downscaled from 11km to 5.5km in order to drive the MESCAN-SURFEX system. Here, a land-sea-mask is used, which is not available whether via MARS nor CDS. However, it might be of interest for users so here it is.