In this section you will find metadata regarding the GloFAS data. This data will help you understand how the data was produced, which data is available and what the limitations are. For an explanation of the the terminology used in GloFAS, please  see the CEMS glossary.

GloFAS has a dedicated data service enabling users to access hydrological simulation time series and products produced by the system.  It consists of two main services:

  • A data access service that gives you direct access to hydrological time series of simulated data. More information is provided in GloFAS data access service.
  • A web service that provides direct access to some GloFAS forecast products (maps and associated graphical outputs). More information is provided in GloFAS Web Services.

Access to GloFAS Data is subject to the terms and conditions of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service – flood forecasting and monitoring systems.