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These forums are for users of the C3S and CAMS Services.

Please see How to post to the CUS forums. An ECMWF web account is required to post to these forums.

info Login/Register to post to the CUS Forums

Click the 'Watch' button at the top right of this page to get updates as soon as they are posted (e.g. Announcements).

Please see the ECMWF Terms of use and Data Protection and Privacy Statement, and the corresponding CDS Data Protection and Privacy Statement and ADS Data Protection and Privacy Statement.

CDS Virtual Assistant

The CDS Virtual Assistant (Knowledge Duck) is now available. You can use it to ask questions and find answers about the CDS. You can find its icon in the corner of the CDS pages.

Copernicus Knowledge Base

The Copernicus Knowledge Base is a valuable source of information on our products and services


Our 'state of the art' reanalysis dataset ERA5 is now available and regularly updated

A dedicated mailing list is available at

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