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4.4.0 (production October 2016)

  • client:                ECFLOW-768 ecflowview reports errors after bad sync
  • client:                ECFLOW-771 trigger expression with capital AND fail parsing
  • client:                ECFLOW-775 Allow --check=/ to mean check *all* the suites
  • server:              ECFLOW-774 alter of trigger expression should check referenced nodes resolve
  • server:              ECFLOW-765 allow ecflow variables for include pre-processing, i.e. %include </tmp/%FILE:inc%>
  • server:              ECFLOW-763 Allow restore from a migrated definition
  • server:              ECFLOW-788 substitute for ECF_FILES
  • ecflowview:       ECFLOW-763 Restore icon and menu for migrate flag
  • python:             ECFLOW-779 Allow nodes to be deleted using the python api

1 Comment

  1. ocpert=%OCPERT:${ocgroup#an}%

    is reported as processing error with 4.4.0

    not a good practice, to mix ecflow preprocessing and shell variable twix, code is changed with