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  • server:              ECFLOW-366  User authentication in ecFlow
  • server:              ECFLOW-793 Migrate / restore does not work when ecFlowUI resets its tree
  • server:              ECFLOW-511 Add support for ECF_HOST in addition to ECF_NODE
  • server:              ECFLOW-821 misleading error message for ECF_FILES when variable substituting
  • server:              ECFLOW-825 Consider allowing limits in trigger expressions
  • server:              ECFLOW-834 Could ECFLOW time & day dependencies be changed into triggers
  • server:              ECFLOW-835 On replace if we have an error, the message flag is not always set
  • server:              ECFLOW-846 review performance of job-preprocessing
  • client:                ECFLOW-841 Improve ecflow simulator, buy adding simulation end time.
  • installation:       ECFLOW-817 add into the installation
  • python:             ECFLOW-820 Add __version__ to python API
  • python:             ECFLOW-827 add find_task and find_family to container class for python_api
  • test:                  ECFLOW-804 Create a regression test for the GUI
  • doc:                  ECFLOW-822 ecflow server default port numbers ...
  • ecflowview:       ECFLOW-836 color label
  • ecflowview        ECFLOW-837 no error on Script-Job-Edit panel when ECF_NO_SCRIPT is set

See also the release notes for ecFlowUI.