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  • [ECFLOW-1441] - ecFlowUI: fails to fetch log files via ssh for timeline view
  • [ECFLOW-1442] - client: Issue replacing Suite when referring back to suite_node using relative path.
  • [ECFLOW-1450] - ecFlowUi: In the info panel, the script shows ???, but GUI still shows the script
  • [ECFLOW-1465] - server: server should reply with error, even when client protocol is wrong
  • [ECFLOW-1471] - ecFlowUI: the test script does not configure the local host correctly


  • [ECFLOW-1369] - ecFlowUI: provide a different graphical representation for each repeat type
  • [ECFLOW-1426] - server: remove code for enable_auto_flush,disbale_auto_flush,query_auto_flush
  • [ECFLOW-1427] - server: remove enable_auto_flush,disable_auto_flush, query_auto_flush functionality
  • [ECFLOW-1448] - ecFlowUi: show the AST for trigger expressions, to allow user to see state of the trigger
  • [ECFLOW-1452] - ecFlowUI: info tab in info panel is not always updated when node changes
  • [ECFLOW-1455] - Client: when showing trigger AST, just show name,type,value
  • [ECFLOW-1456] - Client: why command misleading when we have time and date attributes
  • [ECFLOW-1466] - documentation: add page in tutorial covering NO_ECF
  • [ECFLOW-1473] - ecFlowUI: add startup option to set default font size