EWC contains a Rocket.chat deployment to facilitate collaboration and software development in EWC via online discussion.


Users with Member or Co-operating State Meteorological Service email address, as well as a number of academic and research institutions, can self-register by going to https://chat.europeanweather.cloud and selecting Register a new account. 

If you do not have an email account with an allow-listed domain but would like to register, please raise a ticket in our Support portal with information on which EWC tenancy you are using. 


The service is a pilot and may be discontinued. It is maintained on a best-effort basis and shall not be relied on in the mission-critical communication. No confidential information shall be sent into the platform.

The service is based on the Rocket.chat community edition and thus mobile push messages are not available.

The discussion platform is not an official support channel. While EWC staff may participate in the channels and may offer suggestions as part of the conversation with peers, responses are only guaranteed via the Support Portal.


The Rocket.chat can be used with a web browser via https://chat.europeanweather.cloud or by a client. Rocket.chat user guide can be found at: https://docs.rocket.chat/guides/user-guides

Setting up email notifications

You can configure the Rocket.chat to send an email notification for new messages. To do that, click your image (or letter) from the top left corner of the screen and select My account.

Then go to Preferences and select Notifications. The email notifications can be configured at


Users can create their own private channels and discussions and send direct messages. Available public channels are described below, If you wish to have a new public channel, please request it from EWC support team in the Rocket.chat or via Jira.


General discussion and announcements.


Random discussion, jokes, weather, what-ever...


To ask questions from other users and to discuss best-practices. While EWC staff may participate in the channels and may offer suggestions as part of the conversation with peers, official support is only guaranteed via the Support Portal.

The EWC Rocket.chat is deployed in the EWC EUMETSAT infrastructure using the Rocket.chat community edition. 

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