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About the Forecast User Forum

This forum is discussion platform for users of ECMWF’s forecasts to interact with other users and ECMWF experts, and post comments on topics of interest related to weather and forecasts, and to provide feedback to ECMWF.

Discussion forums include current and recent weather (please note ECMWF cannot provide any guidance on model output related to ongoing weather events), featured feedback topics where forecast users can provide feedback on current topics of interest related to forecast products and performance, and UEF events and training

ECMWF are always interested in the experiences and feedback of our forecast users. We will be monitoring these forum discussions, joining the conversations and considering feedback and comments in our ongoing research and diagnostic work, but we cannot guarantee a response to every topic or question.  If your comment or question requires a response, please head to the ECMWF support portal to contact the relevant department. ECMWF may also post interesting or relevant questions received through other channels, and our response, such that others may benefit from the discussion and any answers provided. 

This forum is not designed provide answers to technical questions regarding the access to and use of ECMWF forecasts and data. For questions of this nature, please visit the ECMWF support portal for more information or to contact someone who can help with your query.  

More information on known forecast issues, changes to the forecasting system, forecast products, evaluation and more, and links to the forecast user guide, severe event catalogue and charts dashboard are available on the forecast user portal For recent news from ECMWF and to read our science blog, head to the news section of the ECMWF website

This is a public forum; an account is required to post a new topic or comment, but anyone is able to browse and read the forum. 

We welcome comments and posts in a range of languages, and encourage forum visitors to explore browser translation options to follow discussions that may take place in languages they may not be familiar with. 


All forum posts are public. We therefore ask that posts are respectful and polite. Abusive or other inappropriate posts will not be tolerated, the userid will be cancelled immediately and posts deleted.  


Should I contact ECMWF through the service desk email, support portal, or should I post on the forum? 

If you have a specific question that requires investigation and an individual response from someone at ECMWF, please visit the ECMWF support portal

If you would like to join a discussion and make a comment on one of the topics on the forum, but do not require a response, please join the forum discussions! ECMWF staff will be monitoring the forum discussions and considering these in our ongoing research and diagnostic work, but cannot guarantee a response to every topic.  

How will the comments and feedback be used at ECMWF? 

ECMWF will be monitoring the forum discussions and may use the comments and feedback to inform our ongoing research and priorities for future work, and to learn from our community of forecast users regarding issues and experiences with the forecasts.  

Can you provide guidance on your forecasts and products? 

ECMWF can provide information and answer questions about our forecasts and products, but we cannot provide any guidance on the forecasts of an ongoing weather event. For such information, users should seek discussions with their local or national meteorological services.  Please note that we may not be able to respond to every question or comment posted on the forum. 

I have a question about accessing ECMWF forecasts and data, can I ask on the forum? 

For questions related to forecast access or data, please head to the ECMWF support portal to contact the relevant department.

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