This space is for the discussion of ongoing or recent weather events and their forecasts (please note ECMWF cannot provide any guidance on model output related to ongoing weather events), and other weather or forecasting topics of interest to ECMWF's forecast user community. 

Please select the most appropriate sub-forum from the list below, to search for existing topics/posts and create new discussion topics. If there is no appropriate sub-forum, topics can be created at the bottom of this page. 

Images such as forecast charts and weather photos can be attached to forum posts and comments to enhance discussions, but must be relevant and follow forum guidelines and etiquette.

Discussion topics relating to severe events may also be included, alongside further information and investigation, in the Severe Event Catalogue. The catalogue is a space where we collect material for evaluation of severe/extreme weather events. The focus is on the meteorological conditions and forecast performance. A link to the relevant post in the catalogue will be added to any discussion topics that are included, and you can browse all of the severe events included in the Severe Event Catalogue since 2013 here

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Von Kármán vortex cloud swirls off of the Canary Islands, Spain. Credit: European Union, Copernicus Sentinel-3 Imagery.