Quick Links

Creating an account 

An ECMWF web account is required to post on the forums. If you do not have an ECMWF userid, it is simple and quick to register via the ECMWF website here user register  

Search forum for topics

Before creating a new topic/post on the forum, it is best to search for related topics and join any existing relevant discussions. This allows for more ongoing discussion rather than creating many similar topics and fragmenting the conversations. Forum visitors are able to comment on all sections of the forum, and can create new topics/posts for discussion in the current and recent weather and events and training sections. 

To search for existing topics, go to the main Forum page, and choose the most appropriate section of the forum to search. Type your search query in the text box 'search for topics'.

If there is no relevant existing discussion, you can start a new discussion by creating a new topic.

Creating a new topic 

Forum visitors can create new topics in the current and recent weather and UEF events & training sections of the forum - if you wish to join a discussion or add feedback to an existing topic, please add a comment on the existing topic rather than creating a new one. 

To start a new post/topic click the 'New Topic' button at the top of the section. 

This will create a blank page (example below). The first line should be a short title for your new discussion topic, then type the rest of your comment or question in the blank space below. 

On the right above the title of your discussion topic, you will notice a 'label' button (highlighted in red below)  - this can be used to add keywords to your post/topic such as convection tropical cyclone / UEF2021:

The buttons at the top of the page can be used to format the text, much like any word processor. Images and attachments can also be added. Click 'publish' at the bottom of the page when you have finished creating your new topic, to post it to the forum. 

Comment on an existing topic 

To join existing discussions or leave a comment, you can add a comment on any existing post/topic in the forum. 

Click on the relevant post/topic, and then add your comment in the 'comment' box, at the bottom of the page. 

You can also reply to individual comments using the 'reply' link underneath the comment you wish to respond to. 

Email Notifications 

If you would like to receive an email notification when a new topic appears in a particular section of the forum, or when new comments are added to a specific topic/post, click the 'Watch' icon in the top right corner of the page. 

To stop receiving notifications, click on the 'Watching' icon, and untick the relevant options.