Hello, just one small remark here which I think is easy to correct. On the Mean Zonal wind graphs, the units on the y-axis are degrees Celsius, when I believe it should be m/s?


  1. Thanks Vasilis Pappas for highlighting this error! A fix has been implemented and should show up in the plots in the coming days. 

  2. There is one more bug I noticed in the charts. I guess I can just mention it here instead of making a new post. It is on the 

    Weather regime time series - Extended range forecast


    1. Thanks for highlighting this Vasilis. Just a quick update to say that the team are aware of the issue with this product since the switchover of operations to the new supercomputer. As this product may be discontinued as part of the next cycle upgrade, this bug may remain while the team work on other aspects of the switchover and products for the future cycle.