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A completely new package to interpolate data, Meteorological Interpolation and Re-gridding (MIR), is under development.  It has three aims:

  • to accept information in any grid point format (e.g. observations or satellite data),
  • to convert model or other data from any grid pattern format to any other grid pattern as desired (using an Any-to-Any algorithm).
  • to present model or other data graphically on any grid pattern, including 3-D presentations, and include rotation and cropping as desired.   

The procedure uses an unstructured grid system allowing great flexibility and has proved economical with computer processing time.

The development stage of the procedure has been completed and it is now going through validation trials.  Version 1 of MIR is scheduled for release in early 2018.  Feedback from users will be important for future optimisation of the system.

Users are advised to keep themselves updated about the products through the ECMWF Newsletters and web site.

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