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ENS Products  - Their Use

The ENS produces a great deal of forecast data; much of it we display in diagramatic or chart form.  It is difficult for the human eye to identify more than the larger differences between each individual ensemble member so several display methods have been developed to enable critical assessment of the similarity and spread of results and to some extent the run-to-run consistency.  Chart output facilitates an easy visual interpretation of the information and a simple visual assessment of the probabilities of forecast weather events, and indeed of extreme weather events.  The outputs are described in the rest of this section.

The Dashboard

Logged-in users of the ECMWF website have a personal dashboard space into which they can save and arrange regularly-used types of charts and diagrams (including composites created within ecCharts), to allow easy recall for viewing in the future. The Dashboard can be accessed, after logging in, by clicking the user’s personal name in the top right corner of the ECMWF web page and selecting “Chart Dashboard” from the drop-down menu. 

Once configured the Dashboard can become an extremely powerful and flexible forecaster-oriented tool!

How to add to the dashboard:

From ecCharts, composite charts (together with their user-defined thresholds, contour settings etc.) may be added to the dashboard by clicking “Save” (near top left) and then selecting “Save to Dashboard”.

Standard web charts may be added by clicking on the "+" in a white box near the top right corner of the plot.

Other diagrams, such as meteogram components and CDF plots, can be added within the Dashboard facility by clicking “Add Widget“ in the top left corner, and then selecting from the drop-down menu.

A Controls icon, to adjust the various dashboard items all at once - for model run, or lead time step, etc. - may be added by clicking “Add Widget“ within the Dashboard facility and then selecting "Controls" .

More information can be found on the main dashboard help page.

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