Medium-range output

A wide range of medium range (Day0-Day15) ENS products are available.  These allow the user to observe the variation among ENS member forecasts, and the consistency or otherwise with previous ENS solutions.  Output data is presented in many ways enabling the user to discern the probability of different forecast scenarios.  In turn, this allows the forecaster to provide customers with tailored forecasts, that may be detailed (especially at shorter lead-times), but also with information regarding the uncertainty of that forecast.  Chart output represents particular ENS members, or highlights in some "post-processed" form similarities and/or differences between those members.  Other presentations show ENS output in the form of meteograms and plumes for user-selected locations, tropical cyclone and extra-tropical cyclone predictions,  probabilities of parameters exceeding a threshold (e.g. temperature, gusts, snowfall), and various output relating to precipitation type.

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