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GRIB-API support is being discontinued at the end of 2018. Please consider upgrading to ecCodes

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Environment variables applicable to grib_api:

GRIB_DEFINITION_PATH - Set to the folder containing the set of definition files you want grib_api to use instead of the default one.

GRIB_SAMPLES_PATH - Set to the folder containing the set of samples you want grib_api to use instead of the default one


GRIB_API_DEBUG - If set to -1, it will enable brief debug-level logging messages to be displayed by the library. If set to 1, you will get very verbose output.

GRIB_API_FAIL_IF_LOG_MESSAGE - If set to 1, it will cause the library to exit when an error or warning is encountered.

GRIB_API_IO_BUFFER_SIZE - Defines the size in bytes of the buffer used in the IO calls from Fortran and in the tools.

GRIB_API_NO_ABORT - When set to 1 it causes grib_api not to abort execution on failing asserts.

GRIB_API_WRITE_ON_FAIL - When set to 1 it will write the last processed grib message in a file named $PID_$FILEID_error.grib on failure in a fortran function used without the return code argument.

GRIB_GRIBEX_MODE_ON - When set to 1 it will enable the GRIBEX compatibility mode and grib_api will produce GRIB messages readable by GRIBEX.

GRIB_IEEE_PACKING - Accepted values 32 or 64 for 32 or 64 bits IEEE floating point respectively. The GRIB message produced will contain data written in IEEE floating point without packing.



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