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GRIB-API support is being discontinued at the end of 2018. Please consider upgrading to ecCodes

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Downloadable from our Releases page.

Changes for Version 1.10.0

Note: Only the version based on libtool is available for download. With this version it is possible to build a shared or static library just by changing the --enable-static, --enable-shared options of the configure script.
The default behaviour is to generate both the shared and static libraries (recommended).


  • Updated copyright notices to Apache Licence Version 2.0. ( )
  • Availability of grib_to_netcdf tool from grib_api
  • Support in grib_api for Lambert Conformal grid (grib_get_data)

  • Updated GRIB edition 2 definitions with the latest WMO V9 templates/tables

  • ERA-CLIM: Added support for Simulated Radiances

  • LWDA: Added support to Long Window 4DVar

  • ERA-CLIM: New stream (ensemble supplementary data) and origin (Hadley Centre)

  • GRIB definitions of new variables from LISFLOOD hydrological model

  • Added Local Definition 21 (Sensitive area predictions) for GRIB edition 2

  • Provided user-friendly function in API to check if a key is defined (grib_is_defined)

  • Python: Provided function to set key values in one go (like grib_set -s)

  • New MARS codes for surface parameters (effective total cloudiness)

  • Corrected ifs_samples installation path

  • New streams for ensemble data added to the parameter database

  • New mars streams added for ensemble data assimilation

  • Added pseudo-grib (budg) sample file for IFS

  • Added new centre codes for COSMO, Ireland and Austria

  • Bug fix: python interface missing __version__

  • Bug fix: on make dist, definitions and sample go to /usr/share instead of /usr/share/grib_api/

  • Bug fix: fails in Debian automatic build machines

  • Bug fix: Lambert azimuthal equal area

  • Bug fix: Assertion when trying to encode the level information of some cloud cover fields

  • Bug fix: ERA-CLIM: Support for existing streams EDMM, EDMO, EWMM, EWMO

  • Bug fix: Netcdfs generated by grib_to_netcdf seem to be upside down

  • Bug fix: python binding without numpy support grib_get_array(gid,'pv',float)

  • Bug fix: grib_dump crashing with some second order packed files

  • Bug fix: running grib_to_netcdf on a non regular lat/lon grid grib file results in invalid netcdf

  • Bug fix: Assertion: Interpolation (or truncation) of GRIB 2 data into T21

  • Bug fix: Make sure that grib_filter checks all disk writes.

  • Bug fix: if "configure" is run without --prefix, IFS_SAMPLES_PATH starts with "NONE"

  • Bug fix: grib_to_netcdf: long_name/units incorrect

  • Bug fix: grib_filter error: converting edition 1 to 2: unable to get extraDimensionPresent as long

  • Bug fix: grib_check Fortran definition is inconsistent with other Fortran definition:uses "integer" instead of "integer(kind=kindOfInt)" as status variable

  • Bug fix: Remove redundant MARS type and stream entries for TIGGE

  • Bug fix: Remove layer information from grib_api concepts for soil parameters

  • Bug fix: grib_api 1.10.0 with MARS client: Interpolation failed

  • Bug fix: Remove parameter 500011: 2m Temperature

  • Bug fix: Remove new grib2 representations for parameters: 210004 and 210061

  • Bug fix: Wrong short name for centre 82 in 0.table

  • Bug fix: configure option disable-vector actually enables it!

  • Bug fix: LWDA: Support for Errors in Analysis