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GRIB-API support is being discontinued at the end of 2018. Please consider upgrading to ecCodes

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Downloadable from our Releases page.

Changes for Version 1.10.4

  • GRIB_SAMPLES_PATH environment variable can now contain several directories similar to GRIB_DEFINITION_PATH
  • TIGGE-LAM: Support for Limited Area Model in GRIB Edition 2
  • Updated GRIB Table 210 definitions
  • Added local definition to support LAMs (include model and domain)
  • New UKMO Table 174 parameters for EURO4M Archiving
  • grib_filter: Added ability to print integer keys using a print format specifier
  • GRIB-API addition of WMO GRIB Edition2 MasterTableVersionNumber 10
  • Added class for NOAA-CIRES 20CR Re-analysis
  • Improved performance by allowing type-checking decorator in the python interface to be disabled.
    This can be done by setting the environment variable: GRIB_API_PYTHON_NO_TYPE_CHECKS
  • Added General Unstructured Grid support in GRIB 2
  • Added Generalized Vertical Height Coordinate support in GRIB 2
  • Renamed parameters: surface thermal radiation
  • Provided access to the long description name of a producer centre.
    There is a new key called centreDescription
  • Provided new wave model parameters for grib1, table 140
  • Improved portability for MinGW on Windows
  • Rename some surface stress related parameters to improve usability
  • Update to BUDG definitions to enable writing from IFS
  • Bug fix: issues installing 1.9.9 libtool on the Mac OS
  • Bug fix: grib_compare misbehaving ...
  • Bug fix: Setting step to the new value in GRIB2 creates wrong [day,hour]endOfOverallTimeInterval
  • Bug fix: Fix parameters "Virtual temperature" and "Virtual potential temperature"
  • Bug fix: grib_to_netcdf failure for constant fields
  • Bug fix: grib_iterator for latlon_reduced returns incorrect lat/lon when range crosses dateline.
  • Bug fix: Missing range check in double_pack with FPE trapping enabled with missing values
  • Bug fix: multi.c example doesn't close handles as it should
  • Bug fix: Python gribapi.grib_find_nearest() leaks the memory for Gaussian reduced grid
  • Bug fix: grib_count exits quietly when data is corrupted
  • Bug fix: grib_context_set_path declared but not implemented
  • Bug fix: Python: Fix errors reported by pylint
  • Bug fix: Long Window Daily Archive: Support for Errors in Analysis
  • Bug fix: Test fails: when netcdf is enabled but jpeg disabled
  • Bug fix: Create GRIB file with 15 minutes as forecast time step
  • Bug fix: Redundant grib2 paramId for edzw
  • Bug fix: Valgrind: errors on grib_dump -D
  • Bug fix: grib_api tools abort on 'big' grib message
  • Bug fix: Grib2: Setting stream to "elda" should change the productDefinitionTemplateNumber
  • Bug fix: paramId 228028 (wind gust) update required
  • Bug fix: C code generated by grib_dump produces error when run
  • Bug fix: Grib2: Incorrect unitsOfSecondFixedSurface and nameOfSecondFixedSurface
  • Bug fix: Some GRIB1 parameters from table 2 version 131 appear to be WMO
  • Bug fix: grib_api 1.10.0 crashes with large grib files when bitmap is present
  • Bug fix: grib_filter: cannot convert to grib2 and set typeOfFirstFixedSurface=150