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GRIB-API support is being discontinued at the end of 2018. Please consider upgrading to ecCodes

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Downloadable from our Releases page.

Changes for Version 1.12.3

  • Add GRIB samples for N=1280 Reduced Gaussian Grid
  • New parameters for table 230: variable resolution systems
  • Update the local concepts for DWD
  • Remove GRIB2 local coding for parameters in table 230
  • Update GRIB2 definitions with the latest WMO V13.0.0 templates/tables
  • Added centre codes/abbreviations for Pretoria and Moscow
  • In test scripts use grib_compare rather than the deprecated grib_cmp
  • Bug fix: Change GRIB2 codes for parameters Eastward/Northward turbulent surface stress

    WMO has recently released v13.0.0 of GRIB2 codes/tables which contains the changes needed for S2S (See WMO Latest GRIB2 Version)
    Unfortunately, WMO assigned a code to the two parameters required by S2S which is different from the codes we submitted.
    The two parameters and codes are:

      Northward turbulent surface stress:  WMO code 37 (instead of 36)
      Eastward turbulent surface stress:   WMO code 38 (instead of 37)

    This version of GRIB API uses the new WMO codes.

  • Bug fix: grib_ls -l / grib_nearest_find returns incorrect values for grid_second_order

  • Bug fix: grib_ls -l / grib_nearest_find returns wrong points for specific humidity on model levels in GRIB 2

  • Bug fix: Units of "top net radiation" should be J m**-2