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GRIB-API support is being discontinued at the end of 2018. Please consider upgrading to ecCodes

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Downloadable from our Releases page.

Changes for Version 1.14.0

This release comes with experimental support for Microsoft Windows (Thanks to contributions from FMI).
See Microsoft Windows (experimental)

New Features/Improvements
  • [GRIB-691] - grib_to_netcdf: Support for NetCDF4/HDF5 format
    A "-k" option is provided for grib_to_netcdf to allow specification of the kind of file created:
      1 -> netCDF classic file format
      2 -> netCDF 64 bit classic file format (Default)
      3 -> netCDF-4 file format
      4 -> netCDF-4 classic model file format
    Note: The default is now (netcdf3) 64bit classic file format (large file support). This is a change from previous behaviour.
    You must compile with the netcdf4 library to create the last two formats.

  • [GRIB-527] - Allow tests to be run in parallel
    Now you can speed up the tests by running them in parallel e.g. for cmake
      ctest -j8
    will run the tests using 8 jobs. This also works for Autotools (make check -j8)

  • [GRIB-341] - Provide function to get the message offset
  • [GRIB-342] - Provide function to get the message size
  • [GRIB-344] - grib_dump: Provide fast option which only loads headers not data
  • [GRIB-695] - grib_filter should be able to read rules from standard input (stdin)
  • [GRIB-696] - grib_count: add capability to show count per message as well as total
  • [GRIB-697] - New GRIB code for the GPP and Reco flux adjustment coefficients
  • [GRIB-703] - New parameters fo French EUROSIP partners
  • [GRIB-716] - request for additional MACC IFS aerosol parameters
  • [GRIB-764] - Add mean rate parameters for ERA5
  • [GRIB-766] - ERA5: set MARS step to be endStep
  • [GRIB-340] - Provide headers_only option to load BUFR and GTS
  • [GRIB-153] - gribapi patch to speed up encoding on IBM P6/7
  • [GRIB-293] - Enable DIAG pseudo GRIB type
  • [GRIB-428] - grib_to_netcdf file size limit
  • [GRIB-446] - Missing version information in grib_api header files
  • [GRIB-505] - Add error handling for the method value_count
  • [GRIB-601] - GRIB edition 2: Support the new identification templates in section 1
  • [GRIB-626] - grib_to_netcdf: CF checker warning about calendar
  • [GRIB-663] - Support for HDF5 headers
  • [GRIB-677] - does not behave correctly in case of errors
  • [GRIB-681] - CMake Exports for IFS Samples Path
  • [GRIB-704] - Support Octahedral Gaussian grids
  • [GRIB-711] - CMake build: should not need to download data to compile!
  • [GRIB-736] - FMI Local code table definitions to mainstream grib_api
  • [GRIB-744] - Create computed key to indicate if gaussian grid is octahedral
  • [GRIB-753] - Rename class="ea" to ERA5
  • [GRIB-759] - Add extra gridTypes for other reduced gaussian grids: rotated, stretched etc
  • [GRIB-782] - Rename parser to not clash with other executable of that name
  • [GRIB-613] - Use CMake to install grib api at ECMWF
  • [GRIB-676] - Addition of accumulated freezing rain diagnostic
  • [GRIB-683] - Check thread safety with clang thread sanitizer
  • [GRIB-709] - Rename grib_windef.h to grib_api_windef.h
  • [GRIB-722] - Update the local concepts for DWD (2015.03.04)
  • [GRIB-743] - Introduce new GRIB entry for geometric vertical velocity
  • [GRIB-755] - Verify that nearest grid point/iterators work with octahedral grid
  • [GRIB-775] - Remove GRIB2 local codes for EFI parameters
  • [GRIB-776] - Add new parameters for CAPE Shear
Bug Fixes
  • [GRIB-17] - GRIB API latitudes out by 1 point for a regular Gaussian sub-area
  • [GRIB-23] - wrong value for longitudeOfSouthernPole
  • [GRIB-225] - Building grib_api: GRIB_DEFINITION_PATH is not expanded in src/config.h
  • [GRIB-352] - BUDG: Error when decoding stepRangeInHours
  • [GRIB-438] - Error encoding values with mars formula (JPEG data)
  • [GRIB-578] - grib_compare -H compares referenceValue which is not meta-data (grib2)
  • [GRIB-616] - Python object file links to wrong library
  • [GRIB-641] - Parameters with WMO definitions are in ECMWF local concepts
  • [GRIB-651] - CRASH: grib_dump -D on grib with jpeg packing when jpeg is disabled
  • [GRIB-666] - Compile errors with -Werror=format-security
  • [GRIB-668] - Cygwin: tigge_check fails checking gaussian grid
  • [GRIB-669] - Missing tables for grib2 local definition 500: obstat
  • [GRIB-680] - CMake: lib/pkgconfig not created
  • [GRIB-690] - Building with cmake: make fails when threads enabled
  • [GRIB-693] - macro GRIB_API_VERSION is not well defined by including grib_api.h only
  • [GRIB-699] - grib_to_netcdf with S2S data (reforecast)
  • [GRIB-701] - GRIB-API for windows
  • [GRIB-705] - cc[ab]: Linking shared libraries with grib_api on INTEL/140 fails
  • [GRIB-707] - GRIB edition 1 mars keys: class and stream not of 'string' type
  • [GRIB-708] - Fortran: grib_keys_iterator_new with empty namespace does not work
  • [GRIB-710] - Call to wmo_read_grib_from_file with NULL pointer to buffer causes crash
  • [GRIB-719] - grib_to_netcdf: segmentation fault if invalid argument passed to -D option
  • [GRIB-721] - Nearest functions don't work with grid_complex_spatial_differencing packing
  • [GRIB-723] - Non-compliant JSON output
  • [GRIB-724] - CRASH: grib_nearest_find_multiple on lambert grid
  • [GRIB-725] - Problem reading level-number from gfs-files with grib-independent 'level' key
  • [GRIB-729] - Crash: calling grib_keys_iterator_get_name before grib_keys_iterator_next
  • [GRIB-738] - Incorrect units in Table 2 v 172
  • [GRIB-745] - issue with spint; writing spectral fields in grib_api
  • [GRIB-749] - grib_to_netcdf: Floating-point exception generated in nc_put_att_type
  • [GRIB-752] - GRIB2: incorrect code table used in section 4 aerosol templates
  • [GRIB-758] - help page for some tools incomplete
  • [GRIB-761] - S2S parameters recognition must ignore local concepts
  • [GRIB-762] - CRASH: grib_to_netcdf on S2S data (forecast)
  • [GRIB-772] - grib_get_all_names present in grib_api.h but not actually implemented in the library
  • [GRIB-774] - Memory leaks in Python example keys_iterator