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GRIB-API support is being discontinued at the end of 2018. Please consider upgrading to ecCodes

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Changes for Version 1.16.0

New Features/Improvements
  • [GRIB-998] - Update GRIB2 definitions with the latest WMO V17.0.0 code tables/templates
  • [GRIB-909] - UERRA: Parameter changes
  • [GRIB-767] - UERRA: hl levtype for class="uerra"
  • [GRIB-872] - UERRA: Parameters with varying length of time rang
  • [GRIB-911] - UERRA: support for stream 'enda'
  • [GRIB-995] - Add new MARS class for Copernicus Climate Change Service
  • [GRIB-984] - Add GRIB2 coding for parameter 'Cloud cover' (unit=%)
  • [GRIB-992] - Add GRIB1 parameter '2m specific humidity' (174096)
  • [GRIB-996] - Update the local concepts for DWD (2016.06.13)
  • [GRIB-102] - Improve documentation for "grib_handle_new_from_multi_message" function
  • [GRIB-989] - Unknown GRIB2 NOAA parameter (Icing severity)
  • [GRIB-991] - Add grib2 template.4.57.def
  • [GRIB-994] - New "unbalanced" GRIB parameters
  • [GRIB-999] - GRIB1: Add kwbc local parameter V-component of ice drift
  • [GRIB-1001] - grib_to_netcdf: Update netcdf variables to reflect shortNames
Bug Fixes
  • [GRIB-576] - grib_close_file() segmentation fault when closing a file reading metadata only
  • [GRIB-975] - Parameter 'Mean wave direction' unit should be 'Degree true'
  • [GRIB-976] - ifs_samples files moved to install prefix
  • [GRIB-979] - UERRA conversion to GRIB2 issue (sfc become hl level)
  • [GRIB-983] - Parameter 248 (Cloud cover) should be renamed to 'Fraction of cloud cover'
  • [GRIB-990] - Invalid parameter unit: Pa**m-1