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GRIB-API support is being discontinued at the end of 2018. Please consider upgrading to ecCodes

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Downloadable from our Releases page.

Changes for Version 1.9.18

Note: Only the version based on libtool is available for download. With this version it is possible to build a shared or static library just by changing the --enable-static, --enable-shared options of the configure script.
The default behaviour is to generate both the shared and static libraries (recommended).


  • Updated sample gribs with recent changes for Reduced Gaussian N1024 and N2000
  • Updated GRIB2 definitions with the latest WMO version 8 templates/tables
  • Added missing parts in Grid Definition Template 3.120
  • Added GRIB2 template 4.32 (simulated satellite data)
  • Removed redundant MARS files for type and stream combinations
  • Bug fix: Segmentation violation: calling grib_set on 'values' (decimal scale factor)
  • Bug fix: grib_get_data returns incorrect lat-lon values for some GRIBS
  • Bug fix: grib_filter does not fail with a non-zero return code when setting an invalid key
  • Bug fix: Cannot set paramId to 228170 (Field Capacity) for grib edition 2
  • Bug fix: grib_api compilation fails when enabling pthreads in recent Linux distributions
  • Bug fix: Segmentation violation when GRIB_DEFINITION_PATH contains colon
  • Bug fix: Compilation failure: problems with GRIB_INLINE: undefined reference to stdio_read etc
  • Bug fix: Setting step to the new value in GRIB2 creates wrong [day,hour]endOfOverallTimeInterval
  • Bug fix: grib_keys -L should show the real contents of SAMPLES PATH
  • Bug fix: Crash: Running the fortran example get_data
  • Bug fix: grib_filter with verbose option -v writes out lots of blank lines
  • Bug fix: tools/ depends on /usr/bin/ksh which is a non standard location and breaks RPMs
  • Bug fix: GRIB1: Problem with derive probability for wave height larger than 8m
  • Bug fix: Bug when printing thickness of layers (typeOfLevel = depthBelowLandLayer)
  • Bug fix: Correct typos in parameter database
  • Bug fix: test script not working on some stricter shells
  • Bug fix: Compilation failure: tools/grib_compare.c - error on SX9 with the "end" variable
  • Bug fix: Build fails in Solaris 10: Wrong Fortran module include