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GRIB-API support is being discontinued at the end of 2018. Please consider upgrading to ecCodes

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Copies the content of GRIB files printing values of some keys.


grib_copy [options] grib_file grib_file ... output_grib_file


Force. Force the execution not to fail on error.

Repack data. Sometimes after setting some keys involving properties of the packing algorithm a repacking of data is needed. This repacking is performed setting this -r option.

-p key[:{s/d/l}],key[:{s/d/l}],...
Declaration of keys to print. For each key a string (key:s) or a double (key:d) or a long (key:l) type can be requested. Default type is string.

-P key[:{s/d/l}],key[:{s/d/l}],...
As -p adding the declared keys to the default list.

-w key[:{s/d/l}]{=/!=}value,key[:{s/d/l}]=value,...
Where clause. Only grib messages matching the key/value constraints are copied to the output_grib_file.
A valid constraint is of type key=value or key!=value.
For each key a string (key:s) or a double (key:d) or a long (key:l) type can be defined. Default type is string.
In the value you can also use the forward-slash character "/" to specify an OR condition (i.e. a logical disjunction)

-B order by directive
Order by. The output will be ordered according to the "order by" directive. For example: "step:i asc, centre desc" (step numeric ascending and centre descending)


-W width
Minimum width of each column in output. Default is 10.

Multi-field support off. Turn off support for multiple fields in single grib message.

-T T | B
Message type. T->GTS, B->BUFR. The input file is interpreted according to the message type.

Copy GTS header.

GRIBEX compatibility mode.

Does not fail when the message has wrong length


grib_copy examples

  1. To copy only the pressure levels from a file

    > grib_copy -w levtype=pl ../data/tigge_pf_ecmwf.grib2 out.grib
  2. To copy only the fields that are not on pressure levels from a file

    > grib_copy -w levtype!=pl ../data/tigge_pf_ecmwf.grib2 out.grib
  3. To copy only the first three fields from a file

    > grib_copy -w count=1/2/3 ../data/tigge_pf_ecmwf.grib2 out.grib
  4. A grib_file with multi field messages can be converted in single field messages with a simple grib_copy

    > grib_copy multi.grib simple.grib
  5. Use the square brackets to insert the value of a key in the name of the output file (This is a good way to split a large GRIB file)
    Note: we need to quote the name of the output so the shell does not interpret the square brackets

    > grib_copy in.grib 'out_[shortName].grib'
  6. To copy fields whose typeOfLevel is either "surface" or "meanSea"

    > grib_copy -w typeOfLevel=surface/meanSea orig.grib out.grib
  7. To copy selected fields and apply sorting (sorted by level in ascending order)
    Note: we need to specify the ":i" to get a numerical sort. By default values are sorted as strings so a level of 100 would come before 20!

    > grib_copy -w typeOfLevel=heightAboveGround -B"level:i asc" tigge_af_ecmwf.grib2 out.grib




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