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GRIB-API support is being discontinued at the end of 2018. Please consider upgrading to ecCodes

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 !  Description: How to decode GRIB messages containing multiple
 !               fields. Try to turn on and off multi support to
 !               see the difference. Default is OFF.
 !               For all the tools default is multi support ON.
 program multi
   use grib_api
   implicit none
   integer              :: iret
   character(len = 256) :: error
   integer(kind = 4)    :: step
   integer              :: ifile,igrib
   call grib_open_file(ifile, '../../data/multi_created.grib2','r')
   !     turn on support for multi fields messages */
   call grib_multi_support_on()
   !     turn off support for multi fields messages */
   !call grib_multi_support_off()
   call grib_new_from_file(ifile,igrib, iret)
   !     Loop on all the messages in a file.
   write(*,*) 'step'
   do while (iret /= GRIB_END_OF_FILE)
      call grib_get(igrib,'step', step)
      write(*,'(i3)') step
      call grib_new_from_file(ifile,igrib, iret)
   end do
   call grib_close_file(ifile)
 end program multi
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