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GRIB-API support is being discontinued at the end of 2018. Please consider upgrading to ecCodes

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!  Description: how to set key values.
program set
   use grib_api
   implicit none
   integer(kind = 4)    :: centre, date
   integer              :: infile,outfile
   integer              :: igrib
   centre = 80
   call current_date(date)
   call grib_open_file(infile, &
   call grib_open_file(outfile, &
   !     a new grib message is loaded from file
   !     igrib is the grib id to be used in subsequent calls
   call grib_new_from_file(infile,igrib)
   call grib_set(igrib,'dataDate',date)
   !     set centre as a integer */
   call grib_set(igrib,'centre',centre)
 ! check if it is correct in the actual GRIB message
   call check_settings(igrib)
   !     write modified message to a file
   call grib_write(igrib,outfile)
   call grib_release(igrib)
   call grib_close_file(infile)
   call grib_close_file(outfile)
 subroutine current_date(date)
 integer, intent(out) :: date
 integer              :: val_date(8)
 call date_and_time ( values = val_date)
 date = val_date(1)* 10000 + val_date(2)*100 + val_date(3) 
 end subroutine current_date
 subroutine check_settings(gribid)
   use grib_api
   implicit none
   integer, intent(in) :: gribid
   integer(kind = 4)    :: int_value
   character(len = 10)  :: string_value
   !     get centre as a integer
   call grib_get(gribid,'centre',int_value)
   write(*,*) "get centre as a integer - centre = ",int_value
   !     get centre as a string
   call grib_get(gribid,'centre',string_value)
   write(*,*) "get centre as a string  - centre = ",string_value
   !     get date as a string
   call grib_get(gribid,'dataDate',string_value)
   write(*,*) "get date as a string    - date = ",string_value
 end subroutine check_settings
end program set
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