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Version 4.9.1

Externally released on 2017-10-10

  • Tarball: fixed issue that prevented the 4.9.0 tarball from building

Version 4.9.0

Externally released on 2017-10-03
Became metview/new at ECMWF on
(Linux desktops, ecgate, lxc, lxg, lxop)

  • At ECMWF:
    • Installed 2017-10-03

    • Built with Magics 2.34.3

    • Built with ecCodes 2.5.0
    • Built with ODB_API version 0.17.3
    • Built with emoslib 000452
  • Hovmoeller: added new parameter to the Hovmoeller View icon: Time Axis Mode, which can be Automatic Forwards, Automatic Backwards or User.
  • Cross Section: added the ability to define a cross section line that goes directly over a pole. As an example, to define a line that goes South from lat=0, lon=-8 over the South pole and round to lat=0, lon=172, supply a line definition like this:  [0, -8, -180, -8]  (N,W,S,E). They key points in telling Metview to use a line that goes over a pole are that the longitude remains the same and that the second latitude is described as either greater than 90 or less than -90. The direction of the line is implicit: here, to go from 0 to "-180" involves travelling South.
  • Text Plotting: added new parameter to the Text Plotting icon: Text Orientation, which can take the values Horizontal (default), Top Bottom and Bottom Top.
  • Stations: use the latest WMO stations database
  • Stations: improved the way that station names are matched in the station lookup widget in the Stations editor
  • Macro: new Macro function to compute percentiles from a list of vectors.

vector or list percentile( list,vector )
vector or list percentile( list,list )
vector or list percentile( list,number )

 From a given list of V vectors, each with the same number, N, of elements, and a set of P percentiles, computes a new list of P vectors, each containing N elements - one percentile for each of the N elements across all V input vectors. The set of percentiles is supplied as the second argument and can be a vector, a list or a single number. If it is a single number then the result will be a single vector rather than a list of vectors; however, supplying a vector or list with just one percentile will result in a list of one vector result. The function complements the Percentile module, which acts on GRIB fields.

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