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Version 5.3.0

Externally released on 2018-12-05

Became metview/new at ECMWF on 2018-12-05 (Linux desktops, ecgate, lxc, lxop)

  • At ECMWF:
    • Installed 2018-12-05

    • Built with Magics 3.3.1

    • Built with ecCodes 2.10.0 
    • Built with ODB_API version 0.18.1
    • Built with emoslib 000459
    • Built with mir 1.1.0


  • ecCharts icon: new icon, ecCharts,  which gives access to ecCharts layers and styles through Metview. This means that pre-defined data layers used in ecCharts can be accessed through Metview, but for past or experimental data as well as recent data. Through the context menu, macros and Python scripts can also be generated from this icon.

The ecCharts icon gives access to data layers and graphical styles defined in ecCharts

Other features and fixes:

  • General: improved error reporting, e.g. in cases where a plot command calls another module (e.g. Cross Section)
  • Plotting: plotting to file no longer accumulates memory between plots
  • Plotting: added Polar South projection to Geographical View
  • Met3D: fixed issue with retrieving LNSP data in Met3D Prepare icon
  • Python: fixed error message when indexing a fieldset with a bad index
  • Python: allow export of Tables to pandas dataframe
  • BUFR Filtering: improvement in performance in certain cases
  • BUFR Examiner: added context menu item to copy the name of the selected key to the clipboard
  • UI: simplified the filter for the contouring styles in the Contouring editor
  • UI: icon editors now have 'Copy colour' and 'Paste colour' so as to share colour definitions via the clipboard
  • Build: fixed installation issue on Mac OSX

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