What is ODB API?

Please note that ODB API is provided as beta version and some of its functions and tools can be changed prior to the first full release.

ODB API is a software developed at ECMWF for encoding and processing of observational data. It includes a SQL filtering and statistics engine, command line tools and APIs for C/C++, Fortran and Python. ODB API works with data format used in ECMWF observational feedback archive. Development of ODB API has been partially funded by the Met Office.


Where is ODB API used?



  • COPE (Continuous Observation Processing Environment) and BUFR2ODB converter use ODB API to encode/decode observation data
  • Observational feedback archive uses ODB API and its data format to encode data, build index (MARS server) and (optionally) filter retrieved data on the fly (MARS client)
  • ECMWF Researchers use ODB API command line tools and Python or Fortran bindings to examine observational feedback data archived by their experiments in MARS
  • ODB API is used by ECMWF visualisation software, Metview and Magics, to decode and filter observational feedback data
  • OBSTAT uses ODB API to compute statistics of observational feedback data

ECMWF Copernicus Department

  • Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) uses ODB API to encode historical observational data, which is then used as input of their global reanalysis
  • ODB API is also used to compute statistics of observational feedback data produced by C3S reanalysis

MetOffice and Unified Model community

  • Unified Model (UM) Community, lead by the Met Office, uses ODB API as part of their Observation Processing System (OPS). UM Community includes: UK MetOffice, India Meteorological Department, Korean Meteorological Administration, Australian Bureau of Meteorology and Naval Research Laboratory.


  • HIRLAM community uses ODB API as part of their cooperation with ECMWF on the development of COPE system.

Report a bug or issue

Please send an email to software.support@ecmwf.int or go to Issues if you have any suggestions for improvements or have discovered a bug with this software package.


  • Source code

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ZIP Archive odb_api_bundle-0.18.1-Source.tar.gz Dec 05, 2018 by Simon Smart
ZIP Archive odb_api_bundle-0.18.0-Source.tar.gz Jun 22, 2018 by Simon Smart
ZIP Archive odb_api_bundle-0.17.6-Source.tar.gz Jan 04, 2018 by Simon Smart
ZIP Archive odb_api_bundle-0.17.4-Source.tar.gz Oct 31, 2017 by Simon Smart
ZIP Archive odb_api_bundle-0.17.3-Source.tar.gz Sep 29, 2017 by Simon Smart
ZIP Archive odb_api_bundle-0.17.1-Source.tar.gz Jul 05, 2017 by Simon Smart
ZIP Archive odb_api_bundle-0.17.0-Source.tar.gz May 23, 2017 by Simon Smart
ZIP Archive odb_api_bundle-0.16.2-Source.tar.gz Mar 24, 2017 by mak
ZIP Archive odb_api_bundle-0.16.1-Source.tar.gz Jan 27, 2017 by mak
ZIP Archive odb_api_bundle-0.16.0-Source.tar.gz Nov 23, 2016 by mak


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