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This page has a list of known issues related to the use of the grib-api and ecCodes libraries.


OpenIFS 38r1 and 40r1v1 fails with ecCodes

OpenIFS 38r1 (all versions) and 40r1v1 need a small code change to work with the ECMWF ecCodes library. This is because of the use of a deprecated grib related subroutine that was replaced in ecCodes.

The compilation will fail with a message similar to:

[FAIL] Error: Keyword argument requires explicit interface for procedure ‘grib_new_from_template’ at (1)
[FAIL] compile    0.0 ! grib_api_interface.o <- ifsaux/module/grib_api_interface.F90

For these versions, make the following change to the code.

Edit ifsaux/module/grib_api_interface.F90

Change line 671 (in subroutine IGRIB_NEW_FROM_TEMPLATE) from:




This change has been tested against grib-api and eccodes libraries and gives bit identical results.


OpenIFS 40r1 fails with grib_api less than 1.11.0

The minimum version of the grib_api library for OpenIFS 40r1 is 1.11.0.

If you see the following error when compiling, please upgrade your version of grib-api / ecCodes:

Error: There is no specific subroutine for the generic 'grib_write_bytes'