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This page serves as a portal to education and training resources useful for the OpenIFS models. The links here provide information on:

  • Case studies with OpenIFS
  • Idealized configurations (e.g. shallow-water) with OpenIFS
  • OpenIFS user workshop training programmes
  • Other ECMWF training resources

OpenIFS case studies

  • Convection case studies - looks at case of severe Tornado formation over the USA and diurnal convection over Africa (based on the OpenIFS Stockholm user workshop)
  • Lothar storm - a severe storm that hit Europe in 1999 characterized by rapid development. Initial conditions provided for various resolutions and start dates with suggested exercises.
  • Forecast bust 2011 - a case of poor forecast performance over Europe triggered by convective events over the USA.

Idealized cases

It is possible to run various idealized configurations. The following articles explain how:

  • Shallow-water model - configure OpenIFS as a single level shallow-water model with either idealized or real initial conditions.
  • Aqua-planet - configure OpenIFS to run as an 'aqua-planet'.
  • Held-Suarez testcase - configure OpenIFS to run this classic dynamical core test.

ECMWF e-Learning resources

ECMWF produces a number of online, freely available, e-Learning courses, many of which could be of benefit to OpenIFS users.

The ECMWF e-Learning portal contains a list of all available courses. Courses available include:

  • Parametrization of diabatic processes (and with case studies)
  • The mass flux approach and the IFS scheme.
  • Ensemble forecasting.
  • Introduction to single column modelling
  • Introduction to parametrization of sub-grid processes.
  • Metview introduction

Please visit the e-Learning portal for the full list. New courses are being added regularly.

Related training from ECMWF

ECMWF training courses

Includes lecture notes on:

  • Numerical methods
  • Parametrization
  • Predictability

Webinars, slidecasts & video tutorials

  • Clouds & precipitation
  • Model climate
  • Extra-tropical cyclones
  • .. and many more subject areas...

ECMWF e-Learning resources portal

  • Parametrization of diabatic processes (and with case studies)
  • The mass flux approach and the IFS scheme.
  • Introduction to single column modelling

The Training Bulletin
An online bulletin of education and training resources & courses.

Free collection of learning resources for the geoscience community. Includes NWP related lessons and material. Recommended.