All OpenIFS users should be aware that in September/October 2022 no initial experiment data can be generated.

During this time the ECMWF Data Handling System (DHS), providing the MARS and ECFS services, will be moved from the United Kingdom to the new ECMWF Data Centre in Bologna, Italy. 

The moving process begins on 08 September 2022 and will last for a minimum of 4 weeks (28 days). During this time many data products will either not be available or only have minimal availability. This also includes all public ECMWF datasets which are used to generate OpenIFS initial experiment data.

From 08 September 2022 onwards, for the duration of the DHS move, it will not be possible for OpenIFS Support to provide initial experiment data. This will also affect test users of the OpenIFS Data Hub.

All OpenIFS users who require initial experiment data during September and October 2022 should submit their requests to as early as possible. Please note that no initial data can be generated from 08 September until the completion of the DHS move.

More information about the DHS move can be found here:  DHS move - MARS and ECFS