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Training course time table and course material
09:00-10:3010.30 coffee (course start)
 Data (part 1)
    • getting data into Metview
    • retrieving data from MARS
    • field data in GRIB files

    • point data in Geopoints files
    • observation data in BUFR and Geopoints files

 Data (part 2)
  • visualiser icons
  • netCDF
  • ASCII table data
  • ASCII lat/lon matrices
  • general ASCII data
  • ODB data

Optimising your workflow (09:00)

Customising your plot title (09:30)

 Running Metview in batch mode (Xavi Abellan)
  • command-line arguments
  • access from ecgate
  • Welcome
  • Visit to the Weather Room (On-duty analyst)
  • Introduction to Metview


 A simple data visualisation
  • starting Metview
  • importing data
  • examining data
  • visualising data



 Processing data
  • fieldset manipulations
  • combining fieldsets with observations
  • field interpolation
  • extracting sub-areas from fields
  • conversion between fields and points

 Handling time with Metview
  • overlaying time steps
  • handling precipitation data
  • handling dates in Macro



Advanced macro


Questionnaire/Feedback (12:30)

Close (13:00)

 Customising your plot
  • creating and editing an icon
  • customising the coastlines and view
  • creating a simple macro
  • customising the contouring
  • overlaying fields
 Analysis views and layouts
  • analysis views
  • exporting cross sections and profiles as netCDF
  • layout
  • legends
  • annotations

Graph plotting

 Graphical output
  • output formats
  • exporting from the Display Window
  • setting output dependent on runmode



Case study (Practical activity)

Cocktail party (17:00)

Case study (Practical activity)


Case study (Practical activity)


Case study (Practical activity): Ensemble forecast






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Related resources

All sessions given by Fernando Ii, Sandor Kertesz and Iain Russell unless otherwise stated.

 All course material available here.

Events during the week

Coffee breaks are at 10:15-10:45 and 15:15-15:45. Lunch is available at 13:00-14:00

Monday at 17:00: Ice breaker


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