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The aim of this course is to introduce students to ECMWF's new Cray supercomputing services, covering those areas of optimisation that will help the student to make more efficient use of the system and avoiding the areas which may adversely impact overall system performance.


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Anna Ghelli

Dominique Lucas

Iain Miller

Ilias Katsardis (Cray)


 OpenMP - Introduction

Introduction to OpenMP

OpenMP at a glance

Matching with available hardware

Processes, threads, affinity

OpenMP parallelization strategies

Performance & scalability

Miscellaneous cool stuff




Sami Saarinen


LUSTRE file system





Cristian Simarro

 Cray systems

Architecture of Cray XC40



LUSTRE file system

Programming environment

Ilias Katsardis (Cray)

Cristian Simarro

 Compiling environment

Ilias Katsardis (Cray)

 OpenMP - Continued

Sami Saarinen


 A glance into the future

Sami Saarinen

Iain Miller

Final discussion

Course evaluation - Close


 Batch environment - PBS

PBS jobs

PBS directives

PBS commands

Slides - tar file for tutorials

Dominique Lucas


 Parallel programming

Paul Burton


Ilias Katsardis (Cray)

 Batch environment - PBS


Dominique Lucas

 Parallel programming

Practical session

Paul Burton


 Debugging programs

Abnormal Termination Processing (ATP)

Stack Trace Analysis Tool (STAT)

Cray slides



Ilias Katsardis (Cray)

Iain Miller

 Optimisation of programs

 Ilias Katsardis (Cray)




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Related resources

You will find more information on the Cray XC40 system and related products in the Information Sources.

You can also download the course material as PDF files from the file list or as a single zip file.


Resources from 2016 course are here
Events during the week

Coffee breaks are at 11:00-11:30 and 15:15-15:45. Lunch is available at 13:00-14:00

Monday at 17:30-18:30: Ice breaker

Tuesday after Paul's session (by 17:00): visit to the Computer Hall.

Wednesday from 19:30: Dinner in town (Sweeney & Todd)

Thursday at 15:30: Group picture in Courtyard.


Training course participants and lecturers (23rd-27th January 2017)

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