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Here are provided the RMDCN Newsletters. In these we will keep you informed with what is going on with the RMDCN. We will discuss operational issues, migration issues and any important projects that are being undertaken.

If you have any issues that you think should be discussed please let us know ( and we will try to add it to the next newsletter.



Newsletter No 2016/127 July 2016
Newsletter No 2013/1122 August 2013
Newsletter No 2012/106 December 2012
Newsletter No 2012/914 March 2012
Newsletter No 2011/814 December 2011
Newsletter No 2007/726 March 2007
Newsletter No 2007/69 February 2007
Newsletter No 2007/519 January 2007
Newsletter No 2006/420 December 2006
Newsletter No 2006/37 December 2006
Newsletter No 2006/26 November 2006
Newsletter No 2006/120 October 2006

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