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This confluence space provides all the relevant information on the RMDCN project. 

Firstly there is the main RMDCN Web space. This area provide details of the status of the RMDCN project, e.g. operational service status, traffic statistics, service levels, contractual documentation and procedures. 

There are also details of the RMDCN-NG deployment project in 2013-2014. The RMDCN-NG is the next generation of the RMDCN project which started in 1998 with a service from Orange Business Services (at the time called Equant). In 2012 an Invitation to tender resulted in a change of provider. The new RMDCN-NG service is currently provided by Interoute Communications Limited. The deployment of the new service was implemented in 2013 and the migration to the new service was completed in January 2014.

Lastly there is an area specifically for the ECWMF Technical Advisory Committee Subgroup on the RMDCN which met in 2016 to discuss the first Technical and Commercial Refresh of the service with Interoute Communications Ltd. The contract with Interoute Communications Ltd provided for this after the first 3 years of service.

Please note that all areas in this space have restricted access. If you feel you should have access to any of pages in this space please contact the service desk at ECMWF.

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