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User is directed to the ECMWF single sign on page but after entering their credentials is denied access to BlueJeans.


This may either be because:

  • they do not have an account in BlueJeans, or
  • they have an account but it is disabled.

Accounts in BlueJeans are created (and removed) once a week when a script on the netservs server looks for users in Active Directory with the bluejeans group membership (policy). Therefore the first case can be seen when the user does not have the policy.

Users must also have an assigned telephone number, so that we can also assign a matching BlueJeans personal room number (441189499xxx). The user account will remain disabled until they have a number. If they share a phone number or re-use a previous staff member phone number (who also has the policy), things can also go wrong in unpredictable ways, so we do not recommend this.

Log in to the BlueJeans Admin Portal (service desk staff can do this and select Admin from the title bar) and select Users, then search for the user name. If the email address begins "disabled" then the account is waiting for a phone number.