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To be able to login to ECMWF web sites without the need for a password or a token. 

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please follow ALL steps below  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Step-by-step guide

  1. If you go to this page

    then you can click Download and follow the steps to install the root certificate authority.

    Tick the three boxes when prompted.

    1. Trust this CA to identify web sites
    2. Trust this CA to identify email users
    3. Trust this CA to identify software developers

  2. If you go to this page

    then you can enter your userid and (unix) password (or token passcode), and follow the steps
    to create a certificate.

  3. After completing, please restart your browser and in your new browser menu check your certificate, go to
    View Certificates
    Certificate Authorities & Your certificates
    If there you see any expired certificates, please delete them.



Installation of the certificate in Chrome

An option is to export/import copies of the user certificate.

In general the overview of exporting and importing is:

1) export from firefox
2) import into chrome

If you need any more information please have a look at the following sites:

  "firefox export certificate"

"chrome certificate ssl authority"




  1. Add 3: In my version of FF there is no "Encryption" tab, the tab is actually called "Certificates".

  2. CHMI CHMI confirmed. I removed the line in the instructions.