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Below you will find the latest ECMWF Web-API client version in Python which is tested and supported.

 Web-API Python Client Releases

Release dateVersionFileNotes

Interrupted downloads resume where they left off. See CHANGES.txt

 Click here to see the installation/update instructions...

You can install the ecmwfapi python library by running on Unix/Linux:

sudo pip install

or on Windows:

pip install

If you cannot run the sudo or pip commands, just download the ecmwf-api-client-python.tgz. Extract its content and copy the module ecmwfapi to a directory pointed by the environment variable PYTHONPATH. Alternatively you can use the --user option of pip to install it in $HOME/.local/lib :

pip install --user

Access MARS script:

Mars scriptmars



(warning) Please note:

The ECMWF Web API clients below have been discontinued and are provided here for reference only.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide help and support for using these clients and we strongly recommend you to use the Python client above

Thank you for your understanding.




You need to download the client and you will also need the Java JSON package.1.12013-03-09



You need to download the client, extract its content and to a directory pointed by the environment variable  PERL5LIB .
This code relies on the JSON perl module, as well as libwww-perl and Crypt::SSLeay.


ecmwf-api-client-ruby.tgz 0.1 (experimental)2013-03-10
C#ecmwf-api-client-csharp.tgz 0.1 (experimental)2013-03-17
Objcecmwf-api-client-objc.tgz 0.1 (experimental)2013-03-18
Goecmwf-api-client-go.tgz 0.1 (experimental)2013-03-10



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