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A BUFR message can be composed of several subsets. The number of subsets in a BUFR message is given by the key "numberOfSubsets" which is printed by the bufr_ls tool.:

Code Block
> bufr_ls synop_multi_subset.bufr 
centre   masterTablesVersionNumber                  masterTablesVersionNumber  localTablesVersionNumber   numberOfSubsets
enmi     14                  14                         0                          12
1 of 1 messages in synop_multi_subset.bufr
1 of 1 total messages in 1 files

Starting from release version 0.13.0 a given number of subsets can be extracted and saved in a new message. This is based on the use of the following keys:


Code Block
bufr_filter -o out.bufr instructions.filter in.bufr


 There is also the key "extractSubsetList" which allows you to specify the subsets of interest in a list e.g.

Code Block
# Extract the first and the third subsets
set extractSubsetList={1, 3};
set doExtractSubsets=1;