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  • Product and Version
    In which product/version did you find the bug? E.g. using ecCodes version 2.1527.0

  • Platform (OS and architecture)
    Please select the platform and the OS version that your bug occurred on. (This could be the output from "uname -a") e.g. "OpenSUSE 11.3 (64bit) ..."

  • Short summary
    How would you describe the bug using around 10 words? A good summary should quickly and uniquely identify a bug. Explain the problem, not your suggested solution!

  • Detailed description

    Actual Results: What happened when you got the bug?

    Expected Results: What was supposed to happen?

    Additional Information: Add anything else you feel the developer needs to know e.g. The exact error message printed

  • Steps to reproduce:

    This is the most important part of the bug report! Ask yourself “How can a developer reproduce this bug on their own computer?”

    First reproduce the bug yourself several times. If it is not reproducible every time you can still enter a bug mentioning the intermittent nature of the bug. This is explained very well here.

    Attach any accompanying data