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This icon is used to modify the visualisation of point data. It should be dropped into a visualiser icon - see Visualisers. When applied to the visualisation of point data, a user-defined grid is constructed; the number of points occurring within each grid box is counted and becomes the value for that grid box. The resulting visualisation is therefore of this gridded data, and can be customised with a Contouring icon.

The macro language equivalent is binning().

The Binning Editor

Binning X Method

This parameter specifies how the bins assigned to the data to be plotted. Options are Count, Interval and Level List :

  • Count - a fixed number of bins will be created (see Binning X Count)
  • Interval – bins are created at a regular interval (see Binning X Interval) either side of the value specified in Binning X Reference.
  • Level List – bins are created for a specified list of values (see Binning X List).

Binning X Min Value

Binning X Max Value

Binning X Count

Binning X List

Binning X Interval

Binning X Reference

The Binning Y parameters are the y-coordinate equivalents of the Binning X parameters.