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This page only lists a selection of startup options. To see a more complete list, type

  • metview -h

How to

Get logging information to the console:

  • metview -slog

Change the font size

  • metview -fs <font size> , e.g. metview -fs 16

To run a Macro from the command line:

  • metview -b /path/to/macro

To run a Macro and add logging information:

  • metview -slog -b /path/to/macro

To quickly bring up the interactive plot window for a given data file:

  • metview -p /path/to/grib/bufr/or/geopoints/file
  • Note: this will use the default ecCharts style for the given data

To quickly bring up a data examiner for a given data file:

  • metview -e grib|bufr|geopoints|netcdf|odb /path/to/data/file, e.g. metview -e grib /path/to/data.grib
  • Note: Metview 5.10 removes the need to specify the type as an argument

To start Metview with a home directory different from $HOME/metview

  • metview -u /path/to/new/home

To obtain useful logging information from the MARS client without setting -slog:

  • set the environment variable  METVIEW_MARS_LOG=1 before starting Metview