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Replace "host1" with a real ECMWF ecFlow server hostname and "myecflowuser" with your authorised ecFlow username, for which you have the password.

Known issues

  • Job output not visible in some cases
    • Sometimes ecflow_ui fails to fetch the job output, job script and .sub files from the logserver. Refreshing the tab usually fixes the issue. The initial error looks like: "Output directory: [1] Failed to fetch from logserver@9316 error: The remote host closed the connection. [2] No access to path on disk!"
    • For some suites the ecflow_ui cannot retrieve job output, job script and .sub files no matter what. It happens when the log server at the centre doesn't have access to these files. ecflow_uis running at the centre have direct access to the files on disk so no problem, but remote ecflow_ui cannot access them.
  • The timeline and server load functionality currently doesn't work
  • UI unresponsive/freezing on MacOS - when running ecflow_ui as another user via sudo, the interface often freezes for a few seconds when closing a window, clicking on buttons etc. Seem to be a Qt issue on MacOS, according to Sandor