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Comment: updated Support Portal contact for issues/queries

CEMS-Floods (EFAS and GloFAS) datasets are openly available on the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) Climate Data Store (CDS). The CDS provides access through web-based and API-based search and retrieve facilities. It is an easy way for users to access climate-related data, including CEMS-Flood data.  Access to the Climate Data Store is available via the web at Copernicus Climate Data Store. 

Note that the data service offered by the CDS is not maintained as a time-critical operational service and should not be used for any time-critical operationoperations. If you woudl would like access to real-time forecast data for time-critical operation please contact us at


Inquiries about CDS access for real-time CEMS-Flood forecasts and/or reforecasts should be made to through ECMWF Support Portal - the primary entry point for all users for all types of queries on ECMWF data, products, and services.

For further information on the ECMWF Support Portal and how to submit a query related to CEMS-Flood data, visit

Also consider consulting the CDS User Forum for discussions related to the CDS (e.g. infrastructure, datasets, etc).

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What EFAS and GloFAS datasets are available on the CDS? 


There are three ways to download and interact with EFAS and GloFAS data on the CDS:

  1. through Through a simple from form on the "Download data" tab within the main dataset overview page (found in the links in the above table)
    where you can select model versions, variables and times required
  2. programmatic Programmatic access through the Python CDS API
  3. CDS Toolbox