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This is a description of EFAS v3.0, For an overview of other EFAS releases, please see: EFAS versioning system


EFAS version 3.0.0 contains updates on the EFAS module for calculating evapotranspiration (LISVAP) in the operational set up.

Computation of evapotranspiration is now performed using the Penman–Monteith formula in LISVAP. All EFAS components will now be using the updated LISVAP outputs including the seasonal forecasts and the flash flood indicator ERIC.

The changes are expected to result in slightly wetter conditions, i.e. higher soil moisture and river discharge, and to affect slightly EFAS and ERIC reporting points. It is expected that in general the performance of EFAS will not change much or will slightly improve.

To analyze possible changes in skill in the flash flood indicator ERIC, the ERIC simulations were recalculated over a 3 month period using the new LISVAP routine. It was found that at present there is no need to change the current flash flood notification thresholds (see document below for full results).


ERIC verification results for a 3 month period when using forced with soil moisture from the new LISVAP: ERIC_newLISVAP_results.docx

Technical details

Release date2019-05-13 12 UTC
In test suite2019-04-17 12 UTC

EFAS internal release

Archiving of data

ecfs, MARS, CDS

Reference climatology (for thresholds/ anomalies)
EFAS historicalClimatology1991-01-01 - 2020-03-04
Horizontal projection ETRS89 Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area Coordinate Reference System (ETRS-LAEA)
Horizontal resolution5 x 5 km